Exporting vector drawing with clipping plane

Can’t figure out how to capture make 2D with clipping plane/or exporting it as a PDF vector file from the layout. Doesn’t work. Any tips?

Well I do this regularly for my projects. Can you upload a file where this is not working as expected? Also which version of rhino are you using?

make2Dhelp_1.3dm (8.2 MB)
My file is a little bit bigger than the one I am sending with some more buildings. I thought I hade discovered a method combining make 2D and section but now I have problems capturing the make 2D. I get all the buildings infron of the section cut. This is really enoying. Would be greatfull for some help.

I did try it out first and then it worked but now…

This is the method I’ve used:
1: I create a front view and save the view and lock it.
2: I create a clipping plane 3pt and snap it to a building
3: I activate the clipping plane in the saved view
4 I select my geometry (is there a limit? I have a lot of geometry)
5 Activate my view
6 Make 2D - with the option with outline of the viewport

  1. I make a section cut snapping to the clipping plane
  2. Select section and make 2D and move the the right

i don’t understand why you do another section cut after make2d is already finished.
When i use make2d in your file it just works (though its a bit messy)

make2d.pdf (49.7 KB)

iI finally solved it by slecting differently. Just the objects behind the clipping plane. Than I got a better result. Thanks for the help!

I am currently experiencing a severe problem with Make2D and Clipping Plane. Once I clip a model and I try to apply the make 2D command to get a projection, I cannot get the correct curves projected and I cannot sometimes even see other curves in a clipped view. I am having to work on Rhino 5, which works well instead.

Please see difference: