Clipping plane problems


Clipping planes are clipping the selection rectangles (windows, crossing) in the clipped views.

I’m also having problems with the clipping plane options not obeying the settings for edge and fill colors for revolved objects clipped in the “middle.” I also seem to get a sort of strange blend between the ‘rendered material’ and ‘solid color’ - when ‘solid color’ is chosen. I don’t have time to investigate this further right now… Sorry…


Hi Philip- so far I am not seeing any of this- can you post or sent to a file that shows the second problem, and as for the first, sorry, I am not sure what you mean exactly- are you sating that the screen rectangle when window selecting is somehow not drawing on one side of the plane, or that selection is clipped or?



Hi Pascal! I can’t send you this problem file (confidential stuff) so I have to prepare a simple example file for you.
Regarding the first problem… It was a bad explanation - I left the most important part out… I’ll try again :smiley: Let’s say you have a clipping plane active in the front view. Select some objects. Now, press ctrl to remove an object from the selection with window or crossing selection. The selection rectangles won’t show up - but you can remove objects - you just don’t see the rectangles…


Hi Philip- thanks- I got that now.
( these ‘youtrack’ bug items are not available to the public yet)


Here is a file that describe the problems I mentioned - and some more. When the edge curve color for the clipped objects is set to black (or something very dark) the surface seam of revolved objects is lighter than it should be - when the clipping plane and the surface seem is in the same… plane, which means that the egde curves of half of the object is black and the other half is almost (?) white.
The fill color also seems to blend with the material color (only simple Rhino materials here) when you zoom around and the light falls from different angles. It’s not just dark grey as it’s supposed to (I think) in this file.
One more… Even if ‘clip selection highlight’ isn’t checked the object with the glass material is still clipped - the metal object isn’t.

Philip Kronqvist

Hmmm… The file is missing. Let’s try again…

That didn’t seem to work either… Ok, I guess I need help…