Clipping plane not accurate

Hello, i hope you all are well. I am having a lot of issues with my clipping lately, my model has a complex terrain that was being used, and it never caused this problem. After the file becomes more complex, front view begins to look distorted, where the lines of the volume are off and they dont follow the volume outlines correctly. As for the clipping plane, the clipping plane is warped and isnt orthogonal although im using the parallel view. When i select the model, with the same view it shows me the view more accurately. It is a very strange situation, it never happened. I unfortunately cannot upload my file as it is too large, and it isnt being uploaded.

Thank you for your time.

Is your file a long way from the 0,0 World coordinate origin?

Hello, it is exactly at w0,0. However, the origin plane is situated upwards vertically? could that be the cause?

No idea. We’re guessing without a file.
Maybe try exporting a small (uploadable) portion of the file and see if that illustrates the problem. If it does, upload that.

It isnt uploading unfortunately either, but ill send some screenshots. I hope thatll suffice.


here as you can see, the clipping plane does not follow anything, as this is the parallel view, everything should be lining up, and in this case, things are skewed and they dont follow the right location. However, when i view it in perspective view, it shows that its perfectly alligned.

I believed you before.
We need the file and the specific instructions needed to see if we can repeat it.
Zip the 3dm and upload it using this link:

Include this URL in the description: