Front View being clipped with no clipping planes active

Title speaks for itself. Perspective of the site:

Perspective aligned so that X is right and Z is up:

And then Front View:

No clipping planes exist.

Very frustrating.

can you share the file ?

some ideas to maybe fix it:

what happens if you reset to 4 default viewports ?
Screenshot 2021-10-25 at 21.10.44
(right mouse, sometimes you need to click it twice - at least on the mac version)

what happens if you use the perspektive viewport, make sure cplane is top, then use command plan to get orthographic / parallel view on cplane ( which is more or less a reconstruction of default top )

copy paste data (point clouds) to a new file based on a template ?

kind regards -tom

Thanks Tom! Resetting the viewport layouts worked. I wonder what when wrong in the first place???

… well this is subject to rhinoceros-criminology
maybe some hidden inhabitants in the zoo ?
:zebra: :t_rex: :teddy_bear: :cow: :hippopotamus:

at least it s nice to have a solution - even if the course of events is not clear -
i would guess some strange camera-settings …
(you may want to mark the solution (checkbox under the post), so other users don t need to dig into the topic)

kind regards - tom