Model being clipped without clipping plane?

Hey guys, I’m running into a weird issue where my model is being clipped as if there was a clipping plane but there’s not! I tried unhiding all layers and hidden objects but can’t find any. remember putting one there but then deleting or disabling. What’s weird is that it only happen in some views and not others (similar to clipping plane), but when the view shows the full model, it’s showing it as cut in the rendering view on enscape. very weird. Anybody can tell whats the issue? I have i7, 1070, 32GB ram using rhino 6, running on windows and windows 11 on another device

How far from the Rhino world origin is the model in the units used for the model?

Hey thanks for the reply! By origin do you mean the C plane? if so maybe like 50 feet? I might be confusing the origin for something else. But i’v been working in the model position all semester and i’ve had no issue until 2 days ago. Would the C plane position mess with model bounderies?

Nvm I got it. It was actually a hidden clipping plane hiding with a multilayer make2D layer that was locked. i have no idea how it got into that complicated layer but i found it!! thanks