Clipping plane > Make 2D > Layout + Some weirdo artefacts

Hi there,

I’m new here working with layouts in Rhino and wondering if there is a way to use clipping planes to setup sections of my model, the result of which; are used to generate sections in layouts.

My first attempt at this was moderately successful; I learned to hide the clipping plane result in my model space views and show it in the appropriate layout. However, of course the clipping plane result simply shows the model behind the clipping plane as opposed to a producing a lined drawing in the layout. In order to compose a line-work drawing using the clipping plane result make 2-D is required. To do this I must orient my camera in model space to my desired view (or used a named view to save some time) use Make2D, move the result away from my model then setup my layout to capture this Make2D result in model space. However, of course, this method ‘bakes in’ my model as it is reflected on my Make2D. Is there a way I can make my clipping plane also perform a ‘live’ Make2D and have this result spat out onto a corresponding layout? Or would that be BIM territory? Or maybe there is a way to do this with grasshopper?

Secondly I wanted to ask about the way I’m seeing my model. I have attached some pictures. As you can see in some views my geometry seems to be made of a triangulated wire frame (depending on how it is viewed) with patches of triangulated color blotches? huh?

Any thoughts?
Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 20.46.07 Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 20.52.32

Hi -

No, that is currently not possible.

Not with out-of-the-box components, no.

Is it possible to upload a 3dm file with a simple scene (a single box, perhaps?) that demonstrates this behavior?

G’day Wim.

:slight_smile: thanks or your help.

Sure, I’ll upload the .3dm I’m working with.

I’m getting this colored triangulation in my perspective model space view-port but only while the camera is rotated around the model and only in flashes. I also see this when I am working in layouts and am positioning my camera within a detail. Once I double click out of the detail things revert to how I expect them to be displayed.

Mcneal demo.3dm (15.1 MB)

That is a graphics driver bug on Mac that we have fixed for many computer models out there. If you aren’t using the latest service release of Rhino, please make sure to update.

Ah ha,

I’ve just updated now to 6.25.20114.03572.
All is now well.


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