Clipping fills in Technical Display mode Rhino 7

In display mode artic I chose to see the clipping colour usage as the render material. it works fine.
In display mode technical, when I choose the same setting it does not show fills
Am I missing something?

Hi Nuno -

You need to turn on “Shade objects” in Technical → Shading settings.

Thanks, that worked on my test file, where I was trying to get the shading of the technical close to the arctic. (is this possible?)

But there’s a strange issue, on a large file.
I cannot show the file, but created a few surfaces to the right.

  1. The video starts in DisplayMode Wireframe, 4 surfaces in 4 layers.
  2. set DisplayMode to Rendered, each layer has a different material
  3. set DisplayMode to Arctic, all good
  4. set DisplayMode to Technical, the surfaces are displayed in layer color, although in technical the shade object is set to “Single color for all objects”
  5. set to wireframe, create a sphere
  6. go through 1 to 3, with the same results
  7. on DisplayMode Technical, the surfaces are now shaded grey…
  8. delete the sphere, and the remaining surfaces are again displayed in layer color.

here’s the video


could you reproduce?