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What does people having difficulty using Clayoo tell you? Your plugin isn’t usable with people that know their way around Rhino? You aren’t going to change that by getting tips on the McNeel forum, you need to rework your plugin or lower the price.

TDM is a Stuller company correct? The same Stuller that has a virtual stranglehold on the US jewelry market? It’s odd to me that you are trying to portray TSM/Stulller as a small company, you are the Adobe / Autodesk of the jewelers market.


I have some experience using TMD plugins, and If someone asked my opinion I would say that they are great in many bearings and are very useful on its area.

On the other hand, you will find bugs and problems during its use and it can be very time consuming to find the right workflow to make things to work properly, if you have the time to find out things on your own everything will be ok. The customer service leaves much to be desired when you find real problems.


90 days. Do or do not. There is no try.

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I’m a jeweler. I can agree with that comment. Stuller is the big boy in the US.


As the business owner, designer, manufacturer, and sales representative of a small jewelry business, I completely agree with the “not now I’m busy” comment.I fell in love with T-Splines 2 years ago, designed a few pieces for my initial line, and sadly didn’t buy it before it went strictly to Fusion 360. So here I am now looking for the alternative. I would try Fusion 360, but I can’t afford the time for the learning curve, and I love Rhino’s UI.
So yesterday I went to check out Clayoo, and I had the same reaction, 2 days, 15 days, neither is enough for me to spend $800. It does create some “friction” on the buying/trying end. That is the equivalent of a nice large tool: Down payment on a pneumatic engraving machine, an expensive ball vice, etc.

I am the small business guy who uses cad, not the seasoned CAD expert like the rest of you, so I do wonder who Stuller is trying to get with this product. Fyi Stuller, I was a Stuller First member so no hate here, but you would make more sales with people like me if you lowered the price a bit. I wouldn’t have blinked if it was around $400.

Anyhow back to the grind.



Stuller is so used to snowing jewelers they figure that’s how the rest of the manufacturing industry operates. Many jewelers reinforce that idea by agreeing to arbitrary pricing that Stuller sets. Isn’t Stuller just shy of half a billion dollars in revenue? Hardly a small company.

Isn’t in obvious what Stullers objective is with RhinoGold / Clayoo? It’s simply a vehicle for selling their catalog designs. Charge jewelers $1K per year for a online catalog website? I think it would suit Stuller just fine if there were no more jewelers, just resellers of their catalog masquerading as jewelers.

The jewelry industry continues to crater in the US and Stuller continues to sling stale grossly overpriced products at their gullible user base. Forget Stuller / TDM, continue to educate yourself in modeling and you’ll be able to design on a variety of platforms.

(Tom Glo) #30

Hi Xavi,

Can you please let us know when we can expect an update which includes snaps, works with rhino transform commands, various bug fixes (particularly with regards to eating up RAM over a couple of hours of usage), etc…

this would be really useful - I use clayoo a lot but there is some key missing functionality.

Many thanks


Hi @tom.glo,

The Rhino transform commands (bend, twist, taper, array…) are already working with Clayoo objects.

The “eating up RAM” was a problem because the toggle between smooth and basic was being recorded in the undo pile, so only repeating this workflow multiple times would give you an increase of memory usage. We removed this toggle from the undo pile, so now it should be working much better.

If these features are not working on your machine, make sure you are using the latest version.

The snaps is something directly related with our custom gumball, we do not see that coming soon, but it’s in our list.

Thanks so much,

(Tom Glo) #32

Hi Xavi,

Thanks for getting back to me. I am on the latest version for r5. Are theses updates only for the r6 version?

The two missing commands that used to be in tsplines are the standardise command and the weight points command.

Another command that would be awesome is a blended crease command which is a kind of weight point command but to an edge rather than a control point.

The snaps is pretty vital to the usefulness of your software in furniture design. Do you have any idea when this might be incorporated?



Hi @tom.glo,

We are only publishing minor updates for the Rh5 version, and not so often. We are mainly focused on the Rh6 version. The new features will only be implemented for Rh6.

The commands you are suggesting are so interesting, sadly I can not ensure you these tools incorporation any time soon.