Clayoo 2.0 - Sneak Peek

I didn’t see anyone else post this in the forum, so I’ll do it. This is very cool! Anyone who uses T-Splines will be interested in watching this link to the video on Vimeo, posted by TDM. I’m a T-Splines user, and these new features look like it will put Clayoo on par with it and if the sculpting features work as shown, it would be a game changer! All I can say is wow, I can’t wait to try this out!

Clayoo 2.0 - Sneak Peek from TDM Solutions on Vimeo.


Totally agree. I’m also a T-Splines user. It certainly seems as though TDM have been able to match, if not out do T-Splines with this new release, well…as far as this video shows anyway. The new sculpting features look impressive as do the other features shown in the teaser.
Look forward to the beta. Hopefully it will be a beta we can all try prior to purchase…haha.

Yes, it’s the teaser showing the sculpting that looks as though it’s a huge leap forward from T-Splines. I use the Rhino/T-Splines/ZBrush workflow to do basic sculpting on CAD models, to be able to do it without leaving Rhino would be awesome. We’ll see, shortly.

I like the idea of having ZBrush like tools in a CAD environment. Hopefully Pixologic will take notice. It’s not clear from the TDM Solutions site what is required to get nurbs surfaces from work done with Clayoo. I’ve sent them an email.

For the basic functions of Clayoo (like T-Splines), conversion from Sub-D to NURBS is a simple as a click of a button. I would assume that the sculpting functions would be the same, but I guess we won’t know for sure until we see more information. If the output of the sculpting was just a mesh, instead of a NURBS surface, that would be a disappointment. I’ll be interested to find out.

Looks like Clayoo can convert its surfaces to nurbs, just got an email back from TDM Support.

It’s all becoming very exciting.

That’s an interesting problem… I’d assume that the two options for the output of a sculpting session would be a sculpted mesh or a really dense Nurbs, but it sounds like neither of those would be appealing?

You could also remesh the output, like ZRemesher, to get a clean topology, but that’s pretty difficult to get right.

I’d want and I’d be expecting a NURBS surface as a final output from a sculpted Clayoo model. I wouldn’t want a mesh that I’d then have to try to convert myself. My reason for saying this is that I tried RhinoEmboss from TDM a while ago, and it’s only output was a mesh.

What would be the best output from such a sculpted form?
If continuing to edit with Rhino tools…I would probably prefer Nurbs…but if the sculpted details were very complex/“detailed” then yes, Nurbs surfaces could be fairly problematic.

Hmmmm…would hate to have that carrot dangled in front of me that says “Please sculpt, please sculpt…but not too much as the resultant Nurbs surface will be very hungry”.

Interesting to see if Clayoo have made steps forward in their NURBS conversion. It was previously a long way behind T-Splines…

This question is why I’m so interested in seeing how the sculpting will be implemented. My “wish” would be to have the sculpted mesh go through some amount of interpolation when converted to a NURBS surface. To hold a decent amount of the detail, but at the same time have a more simplified/less dense surface. I wouldn’t expect (nor want) a lot of fine detail in the sculpting, that’s what I’d use ZBrush for.

This might be wishful thinking on my part, but some sort of control over the mesh to NURBS conversion would be incredible. A range to select; from less detail/less complex/high interpolation surface to a greater detail/more dense/low interpolation surface.

What’s the projected release date? ~Dave

The only thing I know is from the comment/reply on Vimeo, an expected mid-November beta release.

Thanks for the heads up mcramblet
Some light sculpting had always been on the back of my mind as a request to the TSplines team. There are times when I could most definitely use a tool to either smooth out or accentuate a complex TS area. Just never got around to making the request.

I could’ve sworn Clayoo had some rudimentary level of “sculpting” before this 2.0 release.

TSplines still serves me well today ( ) but two conditions would make me consider the greenness of the grass on the other side…

Scenario 1.
If Clayoo starts a port to Rhino for OSX -and- kills the dongle, I’m in… even if I ultimately find Clayoo to be 90% of the T-Splines experience. The Windows-only T-Splines is the only final shackle that’s keeping me from the choice of working in all-OSX. I’ve seen and accepted the excuses for why TSplines won’t go OSX and am convinced that even if all the wish-list dev tools are in place, it’ll probably never happen.

Scenario 2.
It’s inevitable that their Autodesk overlords will starve T-Splines for Rhino maintenance just enough where a future Rhino or Win OS update might break T-Splines usability to where I’m forced into Clayoo. Autodesk’s recent announcement about ending all perpetual licenses will probably accelerate the exodus.

Way before the 2.0 announcement, I presumed TDM would continue to clutch to their dongle system when it comes to using RhinoGold/Clayoo. It’s a big factor in why I’ve started to add to the skillset with ZBrush and perhaps a future peek into what 3DCoat is about.

Well, t-splines has gone OS X of course, just in the form of Fusion 360. The legitimate “inside Rhino” thing aside, Fusion t-splines is a sweet implementation IMO, and getting better all the time. Fusion eats .3dm files just fine, and feeds Rhino STEP with perfection. Export lines, curves and splines from Rhino to Fusion as DXF default.

IMO, Fusion Scult is superior to the withering Rhino t-splines plugin, plus Fusion is a descent solids modeler thus far (it is not CREO), and Rhino is a better surface modeler, etc (Grasshopper + +) IMO.

Stuff happens…Based on my interpretation of your mindset (which is similar to mine) being forced into Fusion 360 on OS X may trump hanging on with Windows??? Once proficient with both Rhino and Fusion, you might begin to think about the Rhino/Fusion tool-set in term of “what’s best for the job at hand…”

Just a thought…I could be wrong.

Please let us know when this is released looks quite interesting.

Anyone who’s been using T-Splines to any extent knows it’s now hitched to Fusion. I didn’t think that needed elaborating in my original post – the underlying notion that if I’m unhappy with the perpetual license announcement, ALL Autodesk products are dismissed from my candidate list. Fusion may well be the 2nd coming of Christ with a miraculous secret hot-key command to spit out a vodka martini from my workstation’s USB port, but it all comes back to its lineage as an Autodesk product. Not an entity I have any interest in supporting.

I should also make it pedantically clear that I’m only speaking to my own preference of avoiding Autodesk products and not seeking followers.

For the record, there was a time when a variant of Autodesk Fusion was offered as a free download in the OSX app store. I gave it at least three weeks of chugging through all the tutorials I could find. No bueno. It just reinforced the level of distain I have for their UI. The program is probably still sitting in my OSX partition.

Well, that was abundantly clear. Daddy Warlocks left your formerly shinny toy out in the rain, and step Bro gets the newest shiny toy…

One may cut off one’s nose to spite one’s face if one chooses. Reality is what it is, however…

Indeed, agreed, no bueno dude. That was then, but this is now. Things change, and such is not always easy or enjoyable. For the record as well, we are discussing t-splines in the abstract, not stellar Rhino.

Sure, would be sweet if Warlock decides he loves you, and hey, it could still happen. Perhaps Clayoo 2 for OS X will fill your void too. Would be nice for all since options are good!

I’m just a street corner trickster going with what presents and works best for me. It’s tough out there.

For those (like myself) who have been intrigued about T-Splines for a while (but not used it or followed it closely), can somebody briefly recap the history from Rhino plugin to AutoDesk Fusion 360?

I’m assuming that AutoDesk purchased them?