Clayoo 2.6 slows down Rhino v6

I just got Clayoo 2.6 installed with Rhino V6. I was running Rhino 6 for a few days without Clayoo and was impressed with how fast and responsive Rhino 6 was. I installed Clayoo 2.6 this morning and began working with Rhino 6 again and noticed a significant slowdown in most of the Rhino commands. The most obvious one was selecting Options from the Tools menu. Other functions seem to slow down as well. Has anyone else noticed this? Sent a tech support letter to TDM but haven’t heard back yet.

Hi Scott,
I replied your email about that a few hours after you sent it to me (check your inbox :slight_smile:).
Anyway, we are trying to find out what can slow down Rhino, no clue at the moment, but as soon as figure it out, we will say something and release an update.


I got your previous email, thank you. I was just trying to see if anyone else was having the same issue.

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FWIW, I’ve seen that slowdown opening Options without Clayoo. Like, count to four or five and then it opens.
I have Clayoo 2.6 installed now but I had the Options slowdown before.

Now, with 2.6 installed, I get some lag on standard rhino commands too, but only after I’ve been working in Clayoo for a while. Feels reminiscent of the RAM bog down issue in prior versions.

Does the slowdown continue to happen when Clayoo is completely uninstalled or just when you disbale it through the plugins directory under Options? With me, the slowdown goes away completely only when Clayoo is uninstalled, not just disabled.

That’s strange. Do you restart rhino after disabling the plugin?

Yes, I restart Rhino after disabling. I’ve even gone so far as to restart my machine and I still get the slowdown.

Hi @stmoen, thanks for your feedback. Can you be more explicit with which Rhino commands have the slowdown? (besides of Options)

Clayoo does extra work on “Delete” and “Options” commands only and should not be affecting others.

Can you show us which plugins do you have installed?


I don’t recall which specific commands were slower. None of them were as slow as the Options command. I will keep a list and let you know as I discover them. I have attached plugins 3.pdf (15.8 KB)
plugins 1.pdf (20.0 KB)
plugins 2.pdf (22.1 KB)
my list of plugins.
Will Clayoo post an uodate that doesn’t slow down Options or Delete?

The work Clayoo does is the same that we do in Rhino 5 in that commands:

  • Delete only does extra work when in Clayoo mode so it should not affect the Rhino Delete.
  • Options command in Rhino 6 seems is loading the panels before they need to show to the user (we think that’s causing the delay because of the Hotkeys panel). We will research how to speed up for future versions.

Do you have Clayoo for Rhino 5? In that case can you try to open the options panel of Clayoo->Hotkeys and see how much time it spends?


If you could fix the Option command that would be a big help since it accessed frequently. I removed Rhino 5 after I installed Rhino 6, but I did not notice a slowdown with Options in Rhino 5. However, Rhino 5 was not as responsive as Rhino 6, so if there was a slowdown, it may not have been as noticeable.

You may want ask Max 3, who commented above, and see what his/her observations are.

Have you tried running Rhino 6 with and without CLayoo 2.6 to confirm any other slowdowns? I’m not a tech support expert and don’t have the tools to run timed trials on different commands.

Hi @stmoen,

Yes we tried and didn’t notice problems related with the speed of Rhinoceros.

We will discuss about this issue related with the Options panels and try to find a best solution for the users. Can you post your hardware specs if you don’t mind? (CPU, Ram, HDD etc)


My system specs are attachedBelarc System specs.pdf (37.7 KB)
Rhino system specs.pdf (21.9 KB)

Now I’m noticing it not just with the options command, but anytime I have Clayoo in Edit Mode.
I need to do a more comparisons to give you a good answer on exactly when I have the problem and when I don’t.

But yeah, it gets sluggish. I’m on an HP mobile workstation 2.7ghz, 48mb ram and it still gets a little bogged down.

I know Clayoo is aware of it and these comments should get help resolvre the issue. I just use Clayoo as little as possible unitl the sluggishness gets cleared up. Now I mainly use the Blueprint command which works in Rhino after Clayoo is turned off. I wish Rhino would implement something like that

I’m curious, what does that command do? Thx.

It’s very simple and useful. Just load the top, front, and side views into the fields, press OK, and it creates a box wirth all three views on it. You need to get the views somewhat scaled before you start, but if you are close you can still make a good model.

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very cool, thanks!

Hi Clayoo users,

I’ve been looking into buying Clayoo. Has this issue been resolved yet?


I’m not happy with my Clayoo, no updates since February 27, 2018!

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