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Welcome to Clayoo, the freeform and organic plugin. Clayoo offers three different technologies in one: SubD, Embossing, and Sculpting tools. All you need to master the organic world.

On this forum, you can ask, suggest, evaluate, praise and constructive criticism (also we like it), about Clayoo. All your feedback is welcome for us. We are working every day to improve Clayoo.

› Clayoo SubD
Similar to modeling with clay, SubD allows you to create organic designs, however complex, with this easy to use, NURBS and T-Splines compatible tools.

› Clayoo Emboss
Use our Emboss technology to design in 2D, create vectors and do 3D relief modeling. Add texture and emboss your piece while creating a digital relief for a stunning 3D profile model directly from curves.

› Clayoo Sculpt
Clayoo Sculpt includes easy to use brush tools to digitally sculpt within the Rhinoceros interface.

› Clayoo for Grasshopper
A first Release Candidate is already published with the first Clayoo Components for Grasshopper.

You can request a free one-to-one online demonstration and get a 15-day trial version on

Also, you can watch all Clayoo tutorials and marketing videos on our Youtube channel.

If you need to contact directly with us, please, don’t hesitate to contact at or calling us at +34 937 547 774.

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SubD....What's taking so Long?

When will you guys have an educational version or discount?

For example, Rhino sells for $1000 retail, but $125 to students and educators. The same relatively generous discount goes for all of the other plug-ins I use with Rhino.


Hi Dave, thanks for your message.

Regarding Clayoo for Educational purposes, our goal is that Students and Educators have Clayoo at no cost while they are in the school. Schools have the option to purchase an Educational License, that using the Floating System (Mcneel Zoo and TDM Zoo) gives access to Students and Educators to use it at no cost.


Let me see if I got this right. The school buys the software. Then, the students and educators can use the software – for free – while they are on school grounds and using school computers?

That’s quite a spin and not at all what I was talking about. Here’s an example of how educational software works:

LINK = Rhino 5 for Windows at Novedge. Its $129 compared t the $995 retail. You provide an educator or student ID, download the software, and then use it on your own computer. You save 87% because they want to train future professionals and the educators that train them.

Little companies called Adobe and Microsoft do this exact same thing, so it’s not some crazy idea I cooked up on an internet forum.

(Gustavo Fontana) #8

That seems like the way I used computers in schools, circa 1995. Who does that today? :joy:


Nobody. You’re catching on the Clayoo’s ‘educational strategy.’ Which is, they got none. :thinking:

I just thought of another example. Autodesk gives students and educators 100% FREE software for three years.

Clayoo? You can do better. In fact, anything you do … will be better.

XNurbs releases a ground-breaking NURBS software

They can probably check licenses out, but whatever… --Mitch

(Gustavo Fontana) #11

Have you tried the software to know it’s worth the trouble? I tried it Once, mostly was broken, menus/sliders don’t work/display correctly, crashed at lot. Uninstalled. Maybe is useable now, but it wasn’t last year.


There seems to be some resistance to Clayoo as a modeler. I was frustrated with it at first as well. Not only the product, but the help system, support was difficult at best, significant language problems, no tutorials along with other issues. I gave up using it and went back to Rhino to do organic modeling, which while usable isn’t as intuitive as Clayoo. I went back to Clayoo and tried release 2.0 which was a major improvment. Many bugs were fixed, more tutorials were available, and better integration with Rhino. Their YouTube channel has many good tutorials on it. I am now using the latest beta version which includes GH support and while it is still buggy shows some great promise. If you do any type of organic modeling, Clayoo’s subD tools are quite good. The added features of Emboss and Sculpt can fine tune any organic model with surprising results. I also used T-splines until it’s Autodesk takeover. Clayoo is at least on par with T-splines if not surpassing it. Since Rhino has commented many times on not supplying a full set of subD tools with V6, Clayoo is a perfectly suitable add-on.


Not yet. I am VERY interested in it as a long term solution, though. The demos and videos do look promising, but I’m not going to jump in for $795 when I got Rhino for $129.

Especially now that Rhino has their sub-D tools on the back-burner. Or, I should probably phrase it, “no commitment on the timeline for a definitive release.”


We understand companies such as Adobe o Autodesk can afford to have Educational Licenses at a very low price. Being large and very successful companies offering solutions to a large base of customers/leads, financially makes no much difference for them. As Rhino plug-in development companies (and so, our market is way more limited), we had to find a way to give something to the Students/Teachers to be able to learn the plug-in, and later, see if they can use it in their professional careers. Offering the usage of the plugin at no cost while they’re enrolled in the school was what we came out with. For 995US$, schools can incorporate the plugin into their Rhino courses, and the future professional will be able to learn it and in case they need it afterward for its professional purposes, they will be able to purchase a Commercial License for 795$.
We wanted to find a good solution for students (no need to pay while studying, but only when they see Clayoo can be useful for their business afterward).

Thanks for the feedback, is really good to see CAD experts like you giving us valuable feedback to allow us to keep thinking and re-thinking functionality-wise and Business-wise.

By the way, we checked your Lynda courses and they look great as well as your awesome projects on your website! Keep it up!


OK, but what you described is not a strategy. It happens by DEFAULT. Students already have 100% ‘free’ access to every single app on the school computers … when they sit in front of their school computers … on school property.

It might be more accurate for Clayoo to say 'We offer no discounted software to students or educators. Sorry. Go use it at school."

Short. Sweet. Honest.


If I drop $795 on your software and hate it will you refund my money? I think you’re one of maybe 2 companies that don’t provide a trial version. How does that cost you anything but customers?


On the site a 15 day evaluation is available although there is no direct download. Sure, its a hassle to contact them, but as long as they can provide a trial … if it takes an extra day or so OK.

Is watching the demo really necessary to get the trial?

(Gustavo Fontana) #18

I did this last time. I think the installer became available right away if I remember correctly, and I was able to try on my own version 2.0, but as I mentioned many things were not working so I stopped. Maybe it’s fixed in 2.5. Also I went back to give it a second look but by then the 2 weeks period has lapsed. A guy called me to follow up but he wasn’t very helpful, sounded like he wanted a sale right then, way more than any feedback about his product not being ready. Some companies are really ‘strange’ in my opinion on how they develop, license, trial their software and how they engage with customers.

Feeedback for @Xavi_Marrodan and other developers,

I really do not understand why on earth a company does not let us, the customers, decide how long we need to try your software. Two weeks only shows that you guys have absolutely no idea how our work schedules and realities work, so it gives me little hope you could be able to provide the right tools for us, when you even fail to do something as simple as providing a proper trial.

I personally won’t even consider a trial of anything for less that 2-3 moths. But at least 1 month should make sense to any software vendor with a bit of drive to sale seats. Right now it’s like you guys really are trying hard NOT to sale . And that for a prospective customer is also worrisome: No one wants to start using something that has no hope of success due to concerns its development will be abandoned. You should rethink your strategy guys. Really. Same goes for student licenses. Right now you are running blind.

I hope this helps,


(Xavi Rofes) #19

Hi guys,

This is Xavier Rofes, MD of TDM! Thank you very much to help improving Clayoo in all its ways. Much appreciated.

Regarding the trial, it’s true that we have changed the way of offering the trial version, not only limited on time to 15 days but also with the initial option to have an on-line demo with us. The reasons, below, I believe, you will understand. :slight_smile:

Years back we used to offer trials for one month and with the option to extend it, just filling out the email and few fields. We used to receive hundreds of hundreds of downloads per month, but with no much feedback (fake info, etc… well, we all have been trying out software & services without willing to give much info). As a developer company, no feedback is the worst. We need valid info (email, name and/or phone to have a chat is more than enough).
To get proper info, we had to build a way where, at least, we can communicate with the prospect once (in the beginning) and offer our help. Just replying one of our initials emails proofed to be a right one (someone is behind the account) and we immediately activated the trial.

And so, why the on-line demo? Prospects without much CAD knowledge download the trial but are not able to do anything with the software, they have no 3D skills at all. 10 days, 15, 30 or 90 makes no much difference, because without a proper introduction, they download the software, try it out the first day, get disappointed, try it out a second time, get even more disappointed and delete the trial. Gone. Without us having the chance to provide a guidance. And yet we do have plenty of videos on youtube, tutorials, pdf, etc… during the trial, people want to see quickly if that piece of software will help them out on their business/studies.
Being able to touch-base at the very beginning, understand what they do (by email or phone) allow us to organize a quick 30-minute online demonstration to highlight the software based on their needs.
We understand this will give them the chance to see the value of the software and later, they still have time to try it out and actually practice some of the shown in the session + the youtube videos or pdf’s we provide as well (even offline if requested). By default is 15 days, yet we extend it. Too long trials might make the prospect postpone the trial experience (knowing they have it for 30 days or more) and forget about it (as you comment, we all have duties and responsibilities).

For all the CAD Experts willing to try Clayoo, they can just reply the initial email and we will activate it. And, as we say in the initial conversation (phone/email) we can always extend it for another 15 days, even more.

The trial helps the prospect evaluate the software. We want to make sure the prospect gets everything needed. As a software user I am as well, sometimes we misunderstand a trial version as “learning the software”.

Hopefully you guys have not fallen asleep after this long message, and be sure that if you need one month, 45 days, just be in touch with us, and even you’re truly CAD experts, to have 30 minutes with us to show Clayoo 2.5 (and another chance to ask us everything you want).

Cheers, have a lovely Friday

(Gustavo Fontana) #20

Hi Xavier, I agree on your approach to ask for contact and make sure people get guidance, but the default of 15 makes no sense. I’ve deals with hundreds of people that use/buy software, 95% of them think that price and trial periods are not-negotiable. Many see 15 days and say, not now I’m busy. Especially when they know they have to fit your followup appointment also. Friction kills. But hey, it’s your company and we have made you aware of how we see things. I’m also aware you must have tried many things before and this might work for you and for a few prospective customers.

I’d like to try Clayoo again if/when:

  • You have fixed stability and display of options and sliders in the property tab.
  • It runs in V6 WIP
  • Give us 4 licenses for 2-3 months to give it a proper test and time to run it along Modo, Rhino V6’s Nurbs conversion, and other things we use in a real world development project with my team.



(Xavi Rofes) #21

Hi Gustavo!
Thanks for your understanding! Surely 15 days might not be enough for everybody, and here our help to extend it!
We’re working to have it running on Rhino 6.0 (not ready yet)!
We’ll touch base to let you try it out soon!

Have a great weekend, G!

ps: and keep offering your constructive thoughts!


Has the conversion from subd to nurbs improved? Last time I’ve checked it was awful - each subd face has been converted to separate nurbs patch (no grouping of patches) and whats even worse g2 continuity has not been maintained. Definitely inferior results to what can be achieved with Tsplines (miss those) and PowerSubdtoNurbs.


The conversion to Nurbs has been improved, but it keeps converting every one of the faces in a new patch to generate the polysurface. This is something we are working on. G2 continuity is supported right now.