Clayoo Gumball not aligned with custom CPlane

I’m using a custom CPlane to model a piece, but it seems like Clayoo doesn’t respect the custom CPlane axis directions, it does use the new origin coordinate of the custom CPlane (when creating an object for example).

but the axis of the gumball transforms of clayoo are still pointing at the world axis.

¿Is there a way to tell clayoo to use my custom CPlane for the Gumball Axis?


Hi Daniel,

The Clayoo gumball is always aligned to the world coordinates.
There is a way to have it aligned by the selection, and it is activating the Multiple Gumball. It won’t align to the custom plane, but it will to the current selection.


Hope it helps.


Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately it wont work that way, If i need to move this corner (see image) keeping the line direction and planarity of the box then the "align gumball to selection isn’t usefull, it’s setting the direction at the resultant vectors and not the custom cplane or box direction.

what I’m doing it’s to move my object to be in line with the World coordinates, but this is not ideal, it’s adding an extra step on the modeling workflow, by repositioning the object every time i need to modify it.

I suggest you could have the Clayoo gumball to also follow Cplane coordinates or world coordinates (or selected objects). Similar to what the Rhino gumball does.

Custom CPlanes it’s very helpful when modeling different parts on the same file, parts that might have different orientations than the world coordinates



Hi @daniel.chavarria,

This is something that would be very useful, but unfortunately, it is not implemented yet.

There is a way to use the Rhino gumball to get what you want:

  1. Make sure that the object is not subdivided (like yours in the pictures).
  2. Turn off Clayoo.
  3. Treat the mesh as a Rhino mesh and activate the Rhino gumball.
  4. Use ctrl+shift to select the edges.
  5. Now you can use all the functionality of the Rhino gumball with a mesh (previously created with Clayoo).
  6. Use the command _ClayConvertMesh to convert the Rhino mesh into a Clayoo object again.

The other option is modeling with world coordinates, and relocating the object when the modeling is finished.

I know any of the solutions are ideal, but it’s the best you can do right now.


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Thanks for the support Xavi

Willing to see how Clayoo evolves!

Best Regards!

Ps. sorry for the late response, I indeed used your method.

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