Clayoo for Rhino 6 (Release Candidate)

We are so excited to announce that Clayoo is ready for Rhino 6.0.
The Release Candidate of Clayoo is now available to download.

For all of you who are customers click on the link below:
Download Clayoo for Rhino 6

If you are not a customer yet and want to try it out, request the installer using the following link (the Online Demonstration is totally voluntary):
Request installer for Clayoo for Rhino 6

Any feedback will be more than welcome :slightly_smiling_face:



Hello!! This are great news!!

Im not (yet) a customer for Clayoo. But Before i buy it i have a question:

If i buy Now A licence of Clayoo for Rhino 5, does the Licence of Clayoo for Rhino 6 will have an extra cost? or is it the same Clayoo licence?

Best Regards!

Thanks @daniel_acg,

The prices will be public on our website soon.
Meanwhile, contact for any information about pricing.


Hi @Xavi_Marrodan, I’ve alredy used this link for V5 plugin evaluation, I can’t use it anymore for the V6 version, the form tells me “The email is already used.”

Can you please help me with that?

Hi @enzo_molinari,
We are in transition between Clayoo for Rhino 5 and Clayoo for Rhino 6. Download the installer from the link below, and log in as usual with your account.

The installer of Clayoo for Rhino 6 is available here.
Remember that a TDM account is needed to use Clayoo (trial or commercial). If you do not have it, create an account here.

Let me know if you have any troubles.


Hola Xavi,

Is the Clayoo 2.6 upgrade free for existing 2.5 users?

Hola @Gerard,
The prices are public on our website, check the link below:

Contact directly to us for further information.

I am sorry Xavi, but your answer sounds stupid to me. You direct me to a reseller page without any prices and I am a reseller figuring out when plugins are ready for V6, where to download them and if an upgrade for existing Rhino 5 users is free.

Can you please tell me?
Plugin name--------------Release date for Rhino 6-------------(future) download location-------price


I need this info to update our ‘Upgrade to Rhino 6 information page’ over here:

RhinoGold--------------------------Feb 26th ----------------------------download n/a yet--------------------------
from v6.5: 95€
from v5: 995€
from v4 or previous: 1995€
(it does not include Rhino upgrade)

Clayoo---------------------Released (Release Candidate)--------------------------------Our website or Food4Rhino-------------------------- 95€ from v2.5 (295€ from v1)

RhinoNest-------------- expected for April----------------- n/a yet ----------------- 295€ from RN3, 2 and 1 - 95€ from v4

Sorry for the misunderstanding, yet, no need to say “sounds stupid to me”.

Thank you Xavi. And you are right that I shouldn’t have said that.

ps. What will be the release numbers of RhinoGold and RhinoNest?