Clayoo crash

Clayoo 2.6.18071.8 on Rhino 6.4.18100.1591

After a crash I’ve lost all the ClayBasic surfaces in all the layers.
all the objects are converted in small meshes

This appened too many times, hope that a better version is coming soon!

Hi @enzo_molinari,

Thanks for the feedback. It’s happening when opening Clayoo files? We already reported this issue to McNeel last week. Rhino 6.4.18100.1591 is a Release Candidate version and we usually recommend to use latest Rhino Service Release instead (6.3.18090.00471). In this week Release Candidate should be solved anyway! :slight_smile:

In case is not the problem I was describing, can you send us a video/images to


Hi @mpcarlos87,

clayoo crashes more often while saving, generaly it’s slow down rhino quite a lot.

ok, let’s see :crossed_fingers:

Did you try with Rhino 6.3?


not yet.