Circle packing on surfaces

circle packing (26.7 KB) circle packing solution.3dm (327.9 KB)

Hi @DanielPiker and all the community , I will ask you to help me in these definitions that I made … I am a beginner …
1st wish: how can I force the circles on the edge of the Brep to collide as in solution 1?
2nd wish: how can I add a circle one after the other to fill as in solution 1?
3rd wish: how can I put the larger circles in the center and the smaller ones near the edge when I have to regularize the packaging of the circle?
hoping for your help …

Hi @giansbatta

Here’s a way using the ImageCircles component.
This lets you use the colour of a mesh to specify what the radius of the circle should be at that point. Here I’ve shown it with this colour assigned by distance to the edge, but you could replace this with any other function you like. The sliders let you control the radii for black and white parts of the mesh, and it interpolates.
It also includes an optional curve input for a boundary to make them tangent to.
For adding circles one at a time, it should be possible to just slowly increase the Number slider. (96.7 KB)

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Thank a lot @DanielPiker this is great!! now i can study this component…i’ll try to mix this solution with the others two…if this will be possible…