Help CirclePacking Within this Surface

EXPERIMENTAL.3dm (443.2 KB) (11.5 KB)

My goal is to achieve circle-packing in this 3D surface that is shaped into this archway structure. The aspects I am having trouble with (as I am relatively new to a grasshopper) are the circle packing aspects, being able to rotate the circles so that they are along the surface, and circle-packing with a non-uniform size of circles. I have thought of using imgcircle or using a mesh to help me progress, but I don’t know where to go from there. Any help is appreciated, Thank you.

If you use the search feature in this forum with the keyword “circle packing”, you can get tons of results including this.

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I’m trying to run some of the examples of circle-packing scripts to get a better idea, but the first one has this error when I attempt to run it. I did install the Kangaroo plug-in, and afterward this popped up.