Circle packing with selectively fixed circle locations


I haven’t used Kangaroo much - so I was wondering if someone could help me with a simple questions:

I would like to pack circles on a surface (similar to one of the example files for Kangaroo 2). However, I would like to fix the location of several select circles (which I would like to pick). For example (the green corner circles should stay fixed):

Circles can have all the same radius. I would also like to limit the new circles to the perimeter (boundary curve) of the surface (which they shouldn’t cross)


Grasshopper file: (18.4 KB)

Do you mean like this: (14.6 KB)

It uses Anchors to keep the corner points in place, and also adds these points to the other ones for the collisions.

If you are also talking about having circles tangent to the boundary instead of their centres lying on it, this example should help:

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Hey Daniel. Exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks! Ben