Choosing between two video cards on same PC

Hello all,

I have two video cards on my PC. On slot 1 I have A PNY Quadro M4000 on slot 3 I have the GTX 1080 founders edition (My screen is connected to slot 3). Rhino automatically uses the Quadro card (I checked in Rhino options). I was wondering it there was a way to choose the other card for display purposes. I use the Quadro card for GPU rendering.

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"I use the Quadro card for GPU rendering."
Does that make sense ?.. I would use the Quadro for Rhino and the 1080 for rendering, as the quadro has faster AA than the 1080 and the 1080 has more cuda cores.

But if you want to force the use of the card then go into the nVidia settings and find your Rhino settings and choose your preferred card there.

Good luck!

@Stelios Installed dual Nvidia 1080s SLI on my computer at work. My home office computer has two Quadro 5000 cards and I feel like my work office computer kicks it but…


Thank you for your quick reply, I use Iray for Rhino to render and Pascal cards are not supported yet. Once it is supported it makes sense to render with the 1080 card and the Quadro card to together… more cuda cores. Thank you for explaining how to force the 1080 in nVidia settings.

Thank you again, all the best!

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I use Iray and Pascal cards are not supported yet… I haven’t seen the 1080 in action… I am hoping some time by the end of the year. I dont know about the Quadro 5000… but… Im not too happy with the Quadro 4000, I should have gotten the 980 Ti instead.

All the best.

I’d be careful with the 4000. My first machine 2 years ago had that card
and it kept destroying models when syncing between Fuzor and Revit.
Although, I don’t really use any other software so I couldn’t say if that
would happen anywhere else…