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I’m running a rig with multiple, different graphic cards. I have a Quadro k5200 (primary) and a GeForce 1080ti (for additional CUDA cores for rendering in Octane). I noticed that my Rhino displays were acting sluggish with some larger models so I investigated and it appears that Rhino was using the 1080ti over the Quadro. I disabled the 1080ti and the performance issues corrected themselves.

Other than control the card via device manager, so are there any ways to show Rhino what GPU to use as a primary graphics card?

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Doesn’t Rhino use the card your screen is plugged into?

FYI, in Rhino 6 Raytraced can use both cards for rendering. K5200 has 2304 cores, 1080ti 3584.

You could time for Raytraced which is the slower card. Combined the speed would be approximately twice the slower.

I thought so but using Holomark with the 1080ti enable/disable was 39,000/70,000 and performance was noticeably different.

Also in settings:

Now that I disabled it the information displays the Quadro.



Hi, yes the quadro should outperform the 1080 in Rhino5 due to it’s improved AntiAliasing. Quadro is extremely much faster on this in the older OpenGL version that V5 uses.

You can go into your nVidia drivers and set what graphiccard to be used for Rhino5. It should already have a profile for Rhino5 and if not then just make one.

Good luck and I am happy to hear that Holomark helps you out. It lists both cards right?

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Late reply.

Yes, Holomark displays both GPUs. And thanks I did make a profile in my nVidia UI for R5 & R6.