Anyone uses Quadro WITH geforce cards in the same rig for rhino & vray, and adobe softwares?

Hi there. I am struggling a little bit with the computing power of my current rig, which has an oc 6700k and a quadro m4000. As upgrading the m4000 to a later and higher level quadro card will be too expensive, I am thinking of adding another gtx card for its raw computing power. Is that doable? I have heard people talking about the driver issue, so I am wondering if i use quadro for only viewport output and gtx for its cuda (if it will work for rhino, but for vray the newest version seems to enable the cuda acceleration), will it run without an issue?

Also, I am planning to upgrade my cpu as well, is amd ryzen 1800x or 1950x going to be a good investment (value wise) compared to my current setup?

Looking forward to hear from you!

I am planning to build a new system and I am contemplating to use a Quadro P600 or P1000 with a GTX 1070 Ti or comprable next to it to use for CUDA apps such as OctaneRender. There aren’t many people with this config so info is sparse.

However, what I did find is that nVidia does not like configs like this and blocks it driver-wise. Presumably, if you install a GTX-type card next to a Quadro, the Quadro wil start using the GTX’s driver essentially negating the benefits of the Quadro card i.e. increased viewport performance.

So, my alternative is to use a configuration I do have experience with: An GTX card combined with an AMD FirePro. I used to run a FirePro V4800 besides my GTX Titan and it worked like a charm.

Since Rhino 6 won’t be having problems/hassles with AMD card like Rhino 5, I am considering to get an AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100 or WX 4100 to run my UI and the GTX 1070 Ti for CUDA apps.