Tech info needed before switch to a new computer

Hi Rhino team.

I need a tech info.

I hope later this year or within the first months of next year to switch to a brand new pc workstation.

I’m evaluating to get a new machine equipped with a Nvidia Pascal card series GTX 1080 and latest i7 7700K cpu/DDR4 ram.

For some years I own and use an old Nvidia Quadro card (K3100M) wich is very well designed for OpenGL rather than DirectX.

My questions is :

How RhinoV5 and the upcoming V6 (and the future V7 also) will run on a Pascal GTX 1080 card that, for what I know, is very well designed for DirectX rather than OpenGL ?

Thanks for your help.

  • Marco (mkdm)

Rhino remains an OpenGL application.
Based on that, I would not expect great performance from an adapter intended for DirectX.

Thanks for help.

I think (and this is not a joke) that @pascal is getting a Pascal card sent to him this week.

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It’s true! Only the USPS stands between me and happiness now.



Stop me if I’ve posted this before:
OpenGL → 3D workstation apps.
DirectX → Video games

Oops, too late. :slight_smile:

Hi Pasal.

What kind of “Pascal” card ?

Quadro or GTX 1080 Ti or Titan X ?

Anyone could tell me how Rhino runs on a GTX 1080 with its 3584 cuda and 11 GB of ram ?

I’m still uncertain if get a slower Quadro P4000 (and more expensive) or a blazing fast GTX 1080 Ti.
I absolutely need to know how Rhino will run on a GTX.

Thanks a lot.

Have anice day.

Hi mkdm - this is a P4000 - I have not run through any tests at all yet, but I’m sure I’ll get a chance to do that. As far as I can see it works fine so far,


Thanks a lot for the info.

Please, as soon as you can, could you let me know how it works with Rhino and what is your
hardware configuration (cpu, ram, os).

Thanks again.

If anyone has a GTX 1080 Ti that use it with Rhino please let me know if it runs fast and wihtout problems.
I need this for a real comparison with the Quadro P4000 for my (I hope) upcoming purchase of a new machine.

Have a nice day.

Same here… I’d like to know too. I’ll be getting a new (Win)computer at work. It’s about time - the old one is probably over 8 years old already…


The GTX 1060 I have is awesome for the Raytraced display mode.

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Thanks for the info.

@You : “The GTX 1060 I have is awesome for the Raytraced display mode.”

Only for that display mode ? What about other modes ?
How is its responsiveness in global workflow (array of objects, control point editing, etc…)


  • Marco (mkdm)

I haven’t used it with very large scenes much, but my impression is that it works nicely

For Raytraced it is useful, because then the underlying raytracing engine Cycles will use the GPU to do the raytracing.

Hi nathanletwory.

Thanks a lot for your info.

It’s the very first time that someone on a CAD forum has the courage to write that Rhino can work (more than) fine also with a non-Quadro card!

Thank you for your frankness and courage!

Capabilities of top-range “consumer” GPUs like Gtx Pascal cards, are really great!!

And for a single user the price of a decent Quadro card is totally absurd and unjustified.

Have a nice day.

  • Marco (mkdm)

No one denies that it will work, it’s just how well will it work? I once did a side-by-side test of two computers, with the same Rhino file. One computer had a gamer card and the other had a Quadro.

They both looked the same, so I said “AHA! I can save money!” The I tried to pan, zoom, and rotate the large 3D test file. No contest, game over.

The Quadro ran like butter; the gamer card was a jerky joke. I would never have the patience to work that way, unless I was working on small, simple files.

The scores below look great, so maybe things have changed in the few years since I did my test.
I also read on the forum [from McNeel staff] that its the Quadro drivers and stability that make the big difference.

I’ve had a good experience so far with a GTX 965M which replaced my Quadro 2000M (I replaced the computer as well). the Holomark2 scores were much higher on the new card.

Hi Marco,

watch out for reported overheating problems for 7700K cpu:

Hi schultzeworks and thanks for your reply.

I’m wondering how Rhino can run on a i7-6700K ot 7700K with “the beast”…the Pascal GTX 1080 Ti
(or even with the previous generation 980 Ti)

I suppose that this so powerful GPU could run Rhino at a blazing speed and with a fraction of
the cost of a Pascal Quadro P5000.

I really would like to know if someone is currently using Rhino with one of that GPU just to know how
the work in real-life.

See you.

  • Marco (mkdm)

Hi violine and thanks a lot for that article!

  • Marco (mkdm)

Hi dmoyes and thank you very much for sharing your benchmark of a GTX card with Rhino.

Much appreciated.

  • Marco (mdkm)