2 GPUs question

I currently have a Quadro 4000 and am considering a GTX1080 Ti to use primarily for Vray render GPU acceleration.

My question is: Can I switch the GPU Rhino uses for display to see which one works faster?

Also, if the 1080 is faster for display, can I switch back to the Quadro for display when I’m using the 1080 for rendering?


You just have to plug the monitor in one or the other graphics card. Whichever runs the display, runs the viewport…

Or if you have a monitor on both cards you should make that monitor primary display to make it run the viewport.

Thanks for the responses guys. It’s so simple!

You might need to do something a bit tricky to install drivers for both quadro and gtx cards on the same machine… at least it used to the case, unless I am now hopelessly outdated.

Last time I tried running Rhino on a dual card setup the entire os became unstable.
It had a GTX 260 and a Quadro 4000 and I did NOT matter what card the two monitors were connected to.
You just set the dedicated card in the display drivers application settings.
But many summers has passed since then and I don’t know how it works these days.


thanks for the responses guys!

I had a response from the vray for Rhino forum at Chaosgroup and they said it should work but to contact Nvidia regarding the question of installing multiple drivers