Object Selection Menu Madness

Hi guys

Anyone noticed selecting objects in Rhino 6 results in many object selection menu popups Vs Rhino 5?

I have made a short screencast to illustrate what im talking about. Click the following youtube link to view https://youtu.be/JLUaJ3wSo2M

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Hello - I see - thanks for the clip. I am pretty sure there is an explanation that is just eluding me at the moment.

@mikko - this rings a bell… it seems to me maybe this has come up in a conversation that we had but it is completely missing in what I call my brain - do you recall? A setting or?


ok thanks Pascal, any help greatly appreciated.

I’ll investigate. This was likely a side effect of making picking wires overlapping surfaces easier.
The test command that controls the behavior is PickRejectionFuzz. You can try halving the value until the selection menu no longer pops up. The setting does not persist, so you need to add it to startup commands at Options->General->Command Lists to make the setting stick.

This is the most infuriating thing about R5 and now R6 to me.

This selection menu, this atavism of the past needs to die horrible death.

Why is there still no option to suppress it? Just select something when I click on stuff. If that’s not something I wanted to select - I can click again and select next object under it.

Can it be a video problem? here works well but I saw this selection behavior is the same as ghosted or wireframe view where it focuses more on the objects behind instead of the front ones.
I don’t know the math underneath but it should select only what is shown in each display mode.
for example, in render view I can’t select edges because I don’t see them.

Thanks Mikko, that PickRejectionFuzz command helped. I had to reduce it from 160 to 10 before it started to make sense.