Rhino interface

I´m a young industrial designer. rhino is my favorite program for my job but the new interface is so big with my display. I have rhino in mac book pro 13" and i can’t see very well the lines and is more complicate that rhino in windows. I prefer the old interface

try this setup:

go Rhinoceros-> Preferences-> Themes and set it like so:

  • ‘Custom’ in the dropdown
  • no ribbon or tool palette up top
  • ‘Use command options dialog’ …this will revert to the old behavior of typing letters and the command search and dialogs pop up
  • don’t include osnaps in side bar

when you open a new window, drag the left tool bar so it’s 2 icons wide instead of 4 icons wide

some mac commands you may find useful… you can assign these to trackpad gestures, mouse buttons, or screen edges for quick access… (or aliases even)


more info: these aren’t exactly current but still some helpful info in there.