Mac Rhino Windows theme

Could someone please help, frustration is going through the roof with the Mac Rhino interface. Anyone knows if it is possible to make Mac Rhino look AND behave like the attached image ?
Specifically - the command bar - not just look but also work like the windows one, and not be a weird popup or waste the screen space on the left side.

Secondly - have the osnaps and info bar at the bottom and NOT just a bunch of icons on the top or waste screen space on the left ?

Thirdly - being able to remove unnecessary clutter, again - like in the attached image. And make use of full screen just like the Windows version.

I’m sure a lot of people appreciate the look and functionality of the Mac Rhino interface, but why not offer options for the people that severely dislike it or simply find it disfunctional ? Obviously I am forced to use Mac Rhino, but if it would work well I could completely switch the Mac.

I don’t want to start a debate at all, please, if you know how to get to that image and make it work on Mac Rhino, please tell me, you can also tell me it is not possible at all, which most probably is the case, so I don’t waste further time on this.

Thanks for your patience !

Hi -

That’s not possible, no.
There is quite a bit of work being done for the UI in Rhino 8 and we’ll see where that goes…