Changing decimal precision of annotations

drafting currently displays linear dimensions with four places to the right of the decimal point and angular dimensions with two places to the right of the decimal. how do I set/adjust Rhino such that linear dimensions are shown with six places to the right of the decimal and angular dimension are shown with four places to the right of the decimal?? still working to improve my choice of “verbs” so HELP is more helpful…


You may want to start a new topic after marking your original question as solved.

Consider looking through the Rhino User’s Guide Rhino User's Guide It may be quicker than posting a question and waiting for a response.


thanks for your post! while it might not be obvious, I’ve been through the Help section on “dimension” and it doesn’t address my question. where is the displayed precision for linear and angular dimensions set/adjusted?


@artesmith as @davidcockey already mentioned, please next time make a new post/topic if the question doesn’t relate to your original question. This keeps our forum organized and allows people to find answers to their questions more easily, thanks.