Dimension display accuracy

I REALLY wanted to upgrade to 7… but let me say why Im not.

I use Rhino for a LOT of 2d drawings (and 3d) but here is my issue. I have searched and searched for this problem and see ’ solutions’ but they do not work… Rhino development HAS to know about this. The problem is I want my dimentions to DISPLAY to the 4th decimal point… No matter what I try it will not. I looked and fiddled everywhere… DIMENSIONS/Annotation styles…

So… please tell me why this is so dang hard to do in Rhino… it has been discussed here on this forumn but problem stiill exists. I am running Rhino 6 in Windows btw as I have for years

Hi Tom,

Welcome to the forum. You can display dimensions to 8 decimal places if you want to (though why would you…)

Set it in the dimension properties or annotation style under Length units/Linear resolution


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Jeremy- I cannot find this setting… anywhere… please advise

I found- Thank you… You guys should really make the UI better for this particular issue, try something like " DIMENSIONAL DISPLAY ACCURACY" for us non-power users

Or, more pertinently, change the help system so that if a user searches for a term like “decimal places” the links takes them to the actual text, not to the section heading eight and a half full mouse scroll wheel revolutions above it. Not everyone will scroll down that far…