Change Multipipe's StrutSize bulging selectively/dynamically

Hi there :slight_smile: fairly new to Rhino 3D and Grasshopper universe. I’m tweaking a script from Parametric House and am trying something with the multipipe component.

I want to have bulging at the end points but don’t want to change the diameter from the inside of the shape, where I highlighted with green. Tried some graph mapper with line distances/ point atractors. Is there a way to select exacly what parts to bulge with StrutSize?

Voronoi 3D + (12.8 KB)

You can use a bunch of circles to set location+radius manually
2023-10-23 17_04_32-Grasshopper - Catena_

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Hi @parametric_fart

NodeSize can be set per node as Riccardo shows, but StrutSize is a single global setting, so there isn’t a way to change it per strut from the component inputs.

Instead what you could do is make the outer nodes bigger. Here showing how to select the outer points:

Voronoi 3D + (15.6 KB)

For more strut-specific variation, you’d need to do it as a post processing step. If you feed the Multipipe result to a Mesh component you can get the control points, then you could select ones near midpoints of particular input edges and scale them etc.

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Thank you! Understood it

Thanks! I’ll try that