Multipipe attractor points

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Is there a way to act on the pipe radius value of the multipipe tool (in grasshopper) with the distance from a point to it’s initial curve. Basically something similar to attractor points but that would work with multipipe.

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Sure, the NodeSize and SizePoints inputs of the component can be used to give individual or all nodes of the curve graph custom radii.

The StrutSize can used to adjust the bulginess or skinniness of the struts.

Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 08.07.53 (13.8 KB)


Great, that’s perfect!
Thanks a lot diff-arch

Hello, has anyone tried to do this using more than one point of attraction?

multipipe-multi attractor (25.5 KB)
hi @Clara_Andrezzo yes this is multiAttractor example


Amazing, thank you!
I had tried it before but I didn’t think to use the distances of the closest points

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