Change brep to surface for subdivide

I’ve looked and tried various tutorials on how to make a brep into a surface but I can’t figure out how to redefine this code. I need to change the lofts into surfaces which I can then subdivide and make a facade.

I’ve attached my code and used a panel to highlight which part I am struggling with. Any help is appreciated!

ARC280 good (45.6 KB)

A surface can only be a 4 edged nurbs. A brep is a trimmed surface or has multiple faces. In Pufferfish there is a loft component that can keep things that would normally be breps as single untrimmed surfaces. It is called Unsplit Loft Surface. Try it out, I’ve made it for this use case actually.

Are you the same physical person than @nnurnuri2000? The filenames in both your posts seem pretty similar.

Screenshot 2020-03-22 at 08.42.27
Screenshot 2020-03-22 at 08.43.41

No, different people but that’s so funny you caught it. Its for a class which is why the file name is similar.

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Unfortunately I can’t use plugins for this project, but thank you anyway! A good tool for the future.