Brep to surface

Hi, I’m having some trouble, I want a to convert a brep to a surface. I already converted a mesh to a brep, so this polysurface has a lot of faces. I already tried doing an intersect two sets, between the brep and some cutting planes to obtain curves, but the loft doesn’t seem to be working, attached are some images of the brep

Hello - this is a ‘classic’ case of reverse engineering. I don’t think it helps to have a brep here, you’ll just need to bite the bullet and create new surfaces using the mesh as reference - it is not an easy task in most cases.


I found a way to do it, using not the brep, but contouring directly the mesh and using loft.

But as I have learned if i trim this surface to obtain the extra hole it splits into a trimmed surface an untrimmed surface, hope it doesn’t affect to much to my project. Thank you anyway!

Edit: Sorry, I was wrong about trimmed and untrimmed surfaces concepts, it will be a trimmed surface and nothing but that.