Convert Brep to NurbsSurface


I am trying to convert the patch output (brep by default) to a Surface so I can use the Surface.ShortPath method within the same component. Currently the only way I can convert is to input it into a different component as “Surface” datatype. Is there anyway to convert this internally within one compenent?

Thank you in advance! (13.4 KB)

Hi @shahe,

to get it as trimmed brep face you could use:

B = patch.Faces[0];

to get the underlying, untrimmed surface you could use:

B = patch.Faces[0].UnderlyingSurface();

does this help ?

Hi @clement ,

Thank you very much! Yes, that’s exactly what I needed. I ended up doing the following to convert the trimmed surface:

Surface patchSurface = (Surface) patch.Faces[0];

Thanks again for the help!