Polysurface to single surface

Hi, what is the most efficient way to create a single surface out of a polysurface?
the brep I am working with was originally a mesh which has been converted into a polysurface, and now I need this surface to be a single surface.
I’m trying to work with curves created from intersecting with a plane and then trying to loft the curves.
I also think I can use network surface by creating a waffle cuts but I am not sure how to execute it.
Maybe even the sweep components in pufferfish but I also don’t know how to make this happen.

thank you :slight_smile:
panelsurface.gh (3.0 MB)

Hi - the brep in that gh file cannot be represented by a single NURBS surface. A NURBS surface has the same topology as a sheet of paper. It is not possible to make your object from one sheet of paper.

is it possible to be made with as little sheet of paper as it can?

In theory you could attempt to get a mesh out of a Brep (using the likes of MeshMachine etc) and then try to unfold it in as less as possible planar pieces. But theory and reality have nothing in common (in most of cases).

Plan B: having the mesh on hand exploit what the top subdiv apps (Modo etc) can do on that matter (or use the free MeshLab: lot’s of bugs, mind).

Plan Z: Apply equal UV grid across a mesh

Hi - as Peter eloquently notes, there’s nothing that will do that automatically for you.
At some point, Rhino will convert a SubD object to as few as possible NURBS patches but that technology is in progress as we speak.

As of now, if you own Rhino 6, you can use QuadRemesh to convert your mesh (or brep) to a SubD object. You can then convert that 1:1 to NURBS patches. You can then manually merge patches into larger single surfaces.