Fix naked edges. (result of working with chamfers and pipes)

Hello everyone, Rhino beginner here,

so for learning rhino i want to create a car rim. But I came across some difficulties when I try to chamfer the spoke holes… The chamfer command continues more than needed, see here:


How can I prevent that? Have I done something wrong? Should I pay more attention to surface seams?

Next I tried to pipe along the curve and trim the part I don’t need. The result was a edge on one side that was split into 2 naked edges which I am not able to join together. So I cant loft around this now… See here:

And what are these single points when I analyse the object for naked edges?

Maybe you want to take a look by yourself :smiley:
Rim project 2.3dm (2.8 MB)

Or are there other ways to make this work? preferably I would like to work with a multi-angle-chamfer… but is this possible?

Thank you for helping me!

Hi Niklas - I would clean up the transitions that are at the corners of your triangles or wedges - replace these with clean G2 blend surfaces for example , or round fillets might work fine and be more in keeping with the design - what you have there makes a somewhat awkward transition to my eye.

See how the curvature graph on that edge shows some spikes and a small reversal?



You have to be careful with the smallest radius of the corners, because they tend to make troubles while trying to apply fillet with a greater radius.
@pascal already mentioned the other problem above. Transitions like those must be G2 or at least G1.

Attached here is a fixed version of the rim.
Rim project 2 Bobi.3dm (4.1 MB)

I also created a video tutorial that shows the steps I did to make it look like this.