Chamfer breaking?

Hello again,

I’m still fairly new to Rhino & wondering how I can get this edge to chamfer without breaking. Want to get the result similar to the last screenshot ( from C4D / MOI model )


Just out of curiosity have you tried a smaller chamfer, say 0.5?

Yes. The result is from a 0.4 chamfer.

If you mean the second picture by “the result”, try something smaller that doesn’t try to chamfer the round portion of the left hand top surface.

If it still doesn’t give you a successful chamfer, please post your model here so some experts can try it out and give their opinion.

that chamfer breaks because it passes through the fillet edge. anyway, you can just use Boolean Split with the Chamfer surface as a cutter and it will work.

Apologies. I don’t quite understand.
Here’s my scene file.
chamfer issue.3dm (284.0 KB)

Have a look at attached, two ways of fixing this. I wrote the commands used.

181127 Chamfer breaking.3dm (810.7 KB)

Interesting though, that rhino understands what needs to happen using create solid but it cannot figure that out using chamferedge? Seems like something that Rhino therefore should be able to solve automatically?

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Hello - the problem is here:

The chamfer collides with the existing fillet - it is a weakness in the current filleting and chamfering tools that they do not know what to do if they are big enough that they hit faces that are not attached to the input edges, as in this case. A smaller chamfer will fit


or, some hand trimming after the fact, as has been suggested…


Thanks everyone. I managed to split the extended chamfer from the main body & vice versa, delete / join and it worked.