Fillet_Chamfer incorrect

I thought that in the last SR Rhino 5 (26/02/2015) was solved this problem.
(I would like to run a fillet or chamfer of 1 on the edge of red color).

If I remember correctly, in some build this past year working properly, or am I wrong?
Fillet_Chamfer incorrect.3dm (138.0 KB)

P.S. Even a shelling this item fails!!!:frowning:

Filletedge works fine if you choose all three edges. The resulting fillet needs to be trimmed with the cylindric surface [extended]

Fillet_Chamfer incorrectck.3dm (78.9 KB)

If I’m not mistaken, some version first, Rhino could generate the fillet automatically, stretched the curved surface and cut.
I wanted that Rhino did it alone; manually is normal that you can do without many problems!

It looks to me like it’s an issue with how you created this form. I duplicated your edges extruded them as solids, boolean union and merged all faces and did not have the fillet fail. As you can see in the image after exploding and untriming all the effected edges your form untrims very differently.