cCumbersone exports (V6) and failed exports(V6) to Fusion360 via Step

Hi @pascal, All,

I’m using Pascal’s ExportasBlocks script to export a simple file with a lot of compoments/bodies from Rhino to Fusion 360.

The structure of my Rhino file is very simple:

but there’s a lot of stuff in there: “4 curves, 114 surfaces, 665 polysurfaces, 2 linear dimensions added to selection.”

Using V5:
If I export it all as a step I end-up seeing a file in Fusion 360 that only imports a flat hierarchy of bodies:

If I ‘ExportAsBlocks’ using Pascal’s script it’s a bit better, the components inherit the layer name, and I could then manually select each chuck of bodies of the same named stuff and put them in a component:

Using V6:
if I use ‘ExportAsBlocks’ I get a file that Fusin 360 doesn’t like, it give me an import error message.

What I’d like help with:

  1. Can we modify the ‘ExportAsBlocks’ to have a nested structure in the step file so all the objects in a layer show up as part of a single component? (so I don’t have to do the manual grouping myself, which could get time-consuming and prone to error in large assemblies)

  2. See why ‘ExportAsBlocks’ is creating a problematic file from V6, that either gives an import error, or just hangs forever.