Which format is compatible with Rhino?

I try exporting Fusion 360 to 3 format: IGES, STEP and DWG files. After that I import to Rhino, but they do not keep Hierarchy (as layer)

Reference file:https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/fusion-360/troubleshooting/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/Useable-file-formats-to-import-and-export-data-between-Rhino-and-Fusion-360.html

Which format can keep Hierarchy (as layer)?

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Project 10.rar (142.3 KB)

Hi Travis -
When you import a STEP file into Rhino, it will come in as a block.
Here you will find a script that turns that block into layers:



Hi @wim
I test ExplodeBlockToLayers.
It exploded block to many solid. then I need to Assign to layer.
What If I change the design and export STEP file again. Can you give me advice of workflow.

Hi Travis -

I’m not sure if I understand that part. Doesn’t ExplodeBlockToLayers put objects on the correct layers?

Hi @wim
I did as below:
1st Install ExplodeBlockToLayers plugin
2nd Import STEP file
3rd select model and type command ExplodeBlockToLayers.
They will explode to many solids into 1 default layer.
4th I create layers, then assign solid to each layers

Are there something wrong?

Hi Travis - it sounds like the step file doesn’t include layer information. Could you post that step file so that we can take a look?

Hi @wim
Please find attached file in top thread. I posted.
In Fusion 360. They manage solid model as Body. Then Body will be placed in Component.
Components will be placed in Main Component.

@travis.designer.vn When you start the command did you change to Layers=NewLayerPerBlock
in the command line before selecting the model? Below is what I get using a step file I exported from Fusion, couldn’t download your RAR file for some reason.


Hi @Hughes_Tooling ; @wim
I did it! select Layers = NewLayerPerBlock

Thank you

Hi Travis - good that you found out about it!
Just for what it’s worth, I looked at your attachment the day that you posted it but that’s a *.f3d file, not a STEP file and I don’t have anything that can read f3d. That’s why I requested STEP.

Hi @wim
Oh my mistake when zip file. I re-upload STEP file.
In this model, I try modeling small office by using Fusion 360. I import to Rhino to use direct link with Twinmotion renderer.
Project 10 - STEP file.rar (81.3 KB)

Do you have any suggestion of workflow with STEP file? If I change design in Fusion 360 and export STEP file again.

When I made that thing, there was a specific request to make the default as it is, but I think in fact 90% of the time, NewLayerPerBlock is what is wanted - I’ll change the default.

ExplodeBlocksToLayersV6.rhp (14 KB)

@Hughes_Tooling - see if this one does the right things. You’ll need to unblock it after downloading.



I was going to request that, will you put the update here or in the original post?

Thanks Mark

Hi Travis -

I suppose that depends on what it is that you need to do in Rhino in this workflow. If Rhino is only an in-between, you can just import the STEP file into a new Rhino document each time and explode to layers. If you are also assigning basic materials in Rhino, you can delete all objects but keep the layers with materials assigned and Rhino should then put the objects from the new STEP file on these existing layers. Also, I’m not familiar with the Twinmotion workflow but guess that there might be some link with an existing Rhino file…
What is stopping you from making the design changes in Rhino?

Hi @wim
I just intent to test workflow Fusion 360 and Twinmotion.
I test Insert and Import feature in Rhino. There’re several differences.

There are 2 STEP file call as ver 1 and ver 2
Then I Import it into 2 files 3DM. ExplodeToLayer. Save it.

1st/ I test Insert feature, create Main 3DM file. Insert file 3DM ver 1
select setting BlockInstant. Embed and Link
They will show all layer in Main 3DM file. But When I link to Twinmotion they will be consider as 1 Block. Can not apply material for each object.

2nd/ I test Import feature, create Main 3DM file. Import file 3DM ver1.
I link to Twinmotion, they show each objects in layer as in Rhino. But When I come back Rhino and try to import 3dm ver 2. Rhino will consider it as new project.

I think 2 workflows is not good because I can not update project.

2 files 3DM.rar (217.8 KB)

Hi Travis -
I’m not following what’s going on here.

In the file that you attached, there are only 2 3dm files, not the STEP files that would be required to be able to test anything useful.

Why would you insert/import a 3dm file? You only need 1 3dm file and import/insert STEP files into this one.

I see that when you explode-to-layers the STEP file that you posted further up, the layer names will be different depending on if you imported or inserted the STEP file. @pascal might know why that is.

As for why Twinmotion would consider some objects to be one single block, perhaps @scottd knows more about that.

It would be best here if you tell us what the goal is here in detail. What is the current state and type of model is coming from. And examples models help.

The new information here about Fusuin, I would use FBX from Fusion to Rhino, then to Twinmotion.

Or if the assembly is being exported as a series of STEP files that represent Parts or Sub assemblies, then I might use linked blocks.

If these are objects that meant to be assets in Twinmotion, there is a different process that is taken. Are these meant to be rendering assets/replaceable objects?

There are many was to approach this, but what is the goal in detail?

Hi @wim
1/ I reupload 2 STEP file:
2 STEP files.rar (92.4 KB)
There are v4 and v51. v51 is later version of design.

2/ I made 2 file 3DM because I think Rhino will be better understand 3DM file. They will recognize the same layer name between 2 file 3DM. But It’s not works.

3/ As I mention, there are differences between Insert and Import[quote=“wim, post:17, topic:104068”]
Why would you insert/import a 3dm file? You only need 1 3dm file and import/insert STEP files into this one.
I test again Import feature. Create 1 file 3DM. import STEP v4. then I ExplodetoLayer.
After that I try to update project. I import file STEP v51. Then ExplodetoLayer. It will be consider as new project.

I test again with Insert feature. I set Block Instant then Embed and Link
Then I run command ExplodetoLayer. Then run command BlockManager to try update new file. But There are no file in the list of block

Hi @scottd
1/ I try modeling a small office in Fusion 360 then bring it into Twinmotion. I try bring model to Rhino because there are direct link plugin Twinmotion.

2/ In Fusion 360, I can export FBX file, then import direct to Twinmotion. However FBX is Mesh. I try finding better format and workflow to keep the quality of model.

This is all my intention.