Catch "Maximum computation time was exceeded." message


Is there a way to catch the “Maximum computation time was exceeded.”-exception, and display a custom message to the user? Via the API?

Currently often multiple popups appear and disappear seemingly randomly, making it a very messy experience.


The messages also mentions the designer will be notified, but I never receive notifications when a model breaks. Can that be fixed?

Clearing cache?

This post on the same topic mentions clearing the cache:

Is there a way for me/designers to do this?
It can be handy for (re)loading external files via URL, since those are also cached.

I just tested and it seems that the updateAsync() function fails to return an error when the maximum computation time was exceeded. I filed this as a bug and will let you know when this is fixed. Once this is done, the way to catch the error will be to catch if the promise returns an error.

In this case, it is not really a bug but a discrepancy because this feature was planned but never fully implemented. We will look into adding this notification on the new platform which will be released in the first quarter.

At the moment, this is only a feature for the platform admins. We have discussed making it available to Pro users, I will let you know once we reach a path forward.

All clear, thanks Mathieu!