Custom error message for exceeded computation time

Hello there,

We are still using v2 of the viewer. For some parameter combinations the computation of our model exceeds the time limit. Some months ago there was an error message which said “maximum allowed computation time was exceeded. We have notified the designer about this problem” but nowadays the user only sees a white screen. This is not a good solution since the user is completely lost. We would therefore like to implement a custom error message which is shown at timeout. I think this is possible but I can’t find the instructions how to do that.
The issue is also mentioned in this older thread but there it was never solved.
I’d be glad if someone could point me to the right solution.

Thanks, Lukas

Hello @lukas.schiller
in the current version of Viewer 2 (2.38.0) you already have these error properties exposed. In the responses that you get on api.scene.updateAsync and api.scene.get, if there is an error, the status_collect and status_computation properties should tell you more about what happened. Additionally the msg property can also contain valuable information. Please note that if there is no error, these properties will not exist.

Here is the documentation on the SceneAsset that is returned in these cases.

All the best, Michael

Thank you, Michael!
We’ll try to implement it using your advice