Broken model


it’s really a great feature that computations are saved on shapediver.
But, one of my models first timed out for a certain parameter set and later was broken (one brep missing).
So now that particular parameter set always show the model with one brep missing.

What to do?

I’ve made it public so you can test it

To replicate you would set the settings from top to bottom like this

FREE and PRO accounts are on the shared system where minor performance fluctuations occur and this models very close to the computation time limit can time out with certain parameters. We recommend to optimise your models and following resources can help:

See our pricing page for details if you need more computation time and you wish to upgrade.

However, missing geometry suggests that there are other issues in your definition and I would recommend to review the logic and re-upload your model.

The model computes under 65 ms on my computer. I’ve uploaded the exact same gh-file but this time I’ve set the parameters already and as you can see that works fine:

Great to hear that your model works after re-uploading. Thanks for sharing this, we will work on improvements of the caching system in the future.

I have read in other forum threads that this is something that happens and that the solution is for you to empty the cache for that model. I’ve now also understood that pro users can monitor these things in the backend.
Re-uploading is of course not an option when a model is used in a webshop.
One feature that’s probably difficult to achieve would be to give the owners of the file possibility to reset the cache themselves. And even better would be if it would be possible to just delete a single cached solution, not losing all the good cached solutions.

Thank you very much for your feedback. Caching shouldn’t need any user intervention and we plan to make it even smarter and clear timed-out solutions automatically. To see more user suggestions visit:

Re-uploading feature is not ideal at the moment but it’s only a temporary solution. Support for model revisions in on our road map and comes in not too distant future. However, embedding to online shops still works and developers need to change only the model ticket. Have a look what our clients built so far:

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