Cap Planar Holes Not working properly in Mac Wenatchee 5 Build 2014-04-21

I am having a problem with my Cap Planar Holes command in Mac Wenatchee 5 Build 2014-04-21. When I use the command it creates warped caps? I have attached a snapshot of the before and after of using the command. I have been using the Mac betas for the last 7 months everyday to model my jewelry and have never had this problem in any other build. I would really appreciate any help or if any one knows how to download a previous build!


I’m pretty sure your assumption as to the problem is wrong.
This looks more like a meshing issue (eye candy) and probably has very little to do with the model. There’s no way to know based on the images.

Please post your model in a state before the Cap command.


Hi John,

Thank you for your help. test.3dm (65.3 KB)

Hi Jacob-
The original object is, for some reason, a single surface- that might well be a bug right there- was it made in Rhino? Once Joined to the mirrored copy it splits up into a polysurface and the meshing does not like it. How was this object made?



Hi Pascal,

It was made in rhino using the sweep rails command. I have used this method to model for the last 6 months almost everyday and have never had this issue. I really don’t know what to do other then maybe buy a windows machine and get the real rhino. I have a project due this week that I need to finish. Is there a way to download old versions of the beta?

Run the command CreaseSplitting and set SplitAlongCreases=Yes. That will stop the kinked single surface creation.

To fix the existing object, run DivideAlongCreases set SplitAtKinks=Yes.