Problem with surfaces

i noticed a strange problem with latestrelease of Rhino for mac. After using “cap planar holes” function, surfaces looks very odd.

cap_bug.3dm (80.9 KB)

Hi mac-mac - I suspect that is not especially related to the mac version - capping is messing with the surface edges… but, for some reason I cannot download your file at the moment - not sure what is going on there. I’ll see if I can get that sorted out and take a look at the file.

@sam, is that download link valid?


Yeah, been going on all weekend, just pinged Steve and Sam about it. --Mitch

Try this link:
I’m pretty sure that the previous version worked fine.

Your “S” shaped object is a single creased surface instead of being composed of 4 joined surfaces. If you call the command CreaseSplitting, you will likely see that it is set to No. Yes is the normal setting, but sometimes it resets itself to No mysteriously (Mac + Windows !) Once you reset it to Yes, it should stay.

To fix your existing object, run DivideAlongCreases and set SplitAtKinks to Yes.

HTH, --Mitch

It works! thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry, we had a temporary glitch due to a change in the upload file scheme. Its working now.