Can't undo deleting Named Views?

I just discovered that you cannot undo deleting a named view. It also doesn’t ask for a confirmation if you want to delete it. Even more bafflingly, if you have locked a named view, you can still delete it by simply having it selected and pressing the delete key with no confirmation or way to undo. If you double click a named view to apply it to the current viewport, it automatically stays selected. So if at any point you hit the delete key, the named view is gone. Being able to import named views from a file was the only saving grace and luckily I had saved a different version with the named views still in them. Otherwise it would have meant re-rendering a days worth of animation sequences.

I find that a named view is something you don’t create very often and something you rely on pretty heavily if you for example always have to render from the same position. Therefore it should not be as easy to delete it.

What I would wish for:

  1. A confirmation to ask if I want to delete a named view (maybe it can have a “Do not show again” checkbox in case you need to delete a lot of named views for some reason)

  2. Being able to undo deleting a named view

  3. If a named view is locked you should not be able to delete it. Otherwise what’s the point of locking it. You have to manually update it anyways, so what exactly is it “locking”?

Thanks for your consideration.

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Hi Armin -

That issue is on the list as RH-11050.
I’ve also added a comment to RH-67149 - Show warning dialog named view delete is currently not undoable




Maybe instead of always adding new features we can get an update for once that just tackles some of the long-standing bugs and usability problems.


I would also like to add on how many occasions I’ve accidently deleted named views; which can be a real problem;; requiring importing views from rhino files from the recycle bin.