Delete confirmation warning on Named Views?

Is there an option to force a Confirmation Windows when deleting Named Views?

I’ve been finding myself accidentally deleting Named Views only to realize it when it’s too late when I moved the camera and even saved and closed the file.

Here is an example where I encounter this.

I had the Named Views Panel opened because I was adjusting and making new views.
While doing so, I noticed some objects are not needed anymore in my scene, so click on them to delete.
Rhino then somehow thinks I want to delete my last selected Named View eventhough, I have not clicked on any Named Views on the panel. I just have it opened.

Is this a bug?

Hi @Calcen this is currently on the list as RH-67149 Show warning dialog named view delete is currently not undoable

Hi @Gijs_de_Zwart , good to know someone else also requested similar feature and brought attention to the NamedViews deleting without confirmation bug.

Hopefully the team can get to this issue soon.