Undo for deleting NamedViews please

Could we please have it added to the Undo stack? Too many times NamedView gets deleted by accident with no way back, and with no older version of the file to import from – gone forever.



Did it again today! Lost a important view that I had no copy anywhere else.
Please add NamedView deletion to Undo stack, or have a separate Undo button for any named view operations…



This isn’t like to be implemented any time soon.

Hi Dale,

Just to be clear, I am talking about deleting the NamedView from the list in the NamedViews panel. The youtrack link is a bit different case.

If undo is complicated to add, how about a warning dialog to confirm the deletion of Named Views (with checkbox to never ask again)?



I understand completely. The YouTrack item address the fact that NamedViews (and NamedCPlanes) are not undo-able in any way, shape, or form…

Ok, so obviously making it work with all scenarios of changing the widget etc. is a complex task. A warning message preventing non-undoable deletion of NamedView should be less difficult and independent of full-fledge undo? Hope that makes sense.