Undo for NamedViews deletion (here we go again)

Hi guys - this may seem like a small issue - but having no undo for deleting NamedView from the list with no warning again and again is a huge pain. Especially after painstakingly setting up the right camera for an hour losing it accidentally because I hit “delete” while having a NamedView highlighted in UI while aiming to delete a selected object…
How hard is it to implement?? I think it has been discussed even pre-Discouse, this thread is “only” six years old. Is there even a YT item for this on the pile?. Very frustrating, one would think Rhino by now should be a well matured software but things like that not being addressed for ages make it look very amateurish.

/end of rant. Back to redoing work.



There is RH-11050 Undo doesn’t work for NamedView command, and it is currently on the list of @andy, but for some reason marked as Awaiting Dependency.

Edit: oh, it is depending on RH-31489 No Undo support for document properties, which is on the list of @dale

edit 2: looks like RH-11050 was created in 2013 from an item that was created in 2011. Both RH-11050 and RH-31489 are set to Future. Maybe we can awaken @andy and @dale on these two issues and tell them the Future Is Now.

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Thanks Nathan,

RH-11050 seems a bit broader item, with my understanding all NamedView related actions to be undoable. I am not sure how practical that would be and I understand it may be confusing and seem like a big task to implement. Should NamedViews panel have its own undo, or would all of that land on general Undo stack?
Either way, deleting them accidentally is a forever-problem here, and if general undo is too complex to add for a decade, maybe at least deleting named view undo can be added for starters? Or my old suggestion to add a display a warning before deletion explicitly telling user there is no way back?
The Future Was Yesterday for this issue.

PS. RH-31489 does not open over here.

RH-31489 is the core part related to the undo bits that have to do with named views. There’s some code in there, I leave it to @dale to decide whether to open it up to the public or not.

I have added now also RH-67149 Show warning dialog named view delete is currently not undoable as an extra attempt to get this solved for you.


Thanks Nathan! Could you please make it public so I can check back in 2032? :upside_down_face:

It is public now.