Can't trim/split my mesh

Hi everyone

I am trying to split or trim my mesh with a rectangle.
Now I have tried several things but nothing works.
I intersected my mesh with the extrusion of the rectangle and used then the command SplitMeshwithCurve but it somehow doesn’t split the Mesh neatly, so I can’t delete the outer
rim. Has somebody any suggestions?
The mesh I want to trim is the “Base Mesh” and the “Source Mesh”, the rectangle i.e. the curve on the mesh can be found in “DrapeLimit” and the extrusion is in “Box”.
As the file is too big I uploaded it on OneDrive:

Hope you can download it. Thanks!


Are you using v7?

Hello - MeshTrim in Top seems to get it here.


Hi Pascal

Thanks for your reply.
I was actually writing you back that it doesn’t work and starting to describe the steps.
While doing so I tried the command again and because I waited a little longer I discovered that it worked!

Thanks for helping me out and have a nice week!