Issues trimming a mesh?

Hello everyone,
So I am trying to trim a mesh using Mesh Trim, Mesh Split, but it just doesn’t seem to work with a curve. I first had two surfaces I joined using mesh, and now I want to trim it using this curve I draw on the surface before I converted it into a mesh (using InterpCrvOnSrf), but it just doesn’t work. Ideas on how can I do it? (I attach 2 pictures: the first one of the mesh with the curve on it; the second one, of a surface that is exactly how the mesh should look like)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Fiorella -

What does this mean exactly? What commands, exactly, are you using? Can you post the surfaces and/or meshes and curves here in a 3dm file?



Hi Paola,
if the trim/split doesn’t work it’s because the intersection isn’t complete.
Check your curve to be closed.
Check also to not have the cutting curve perfectly tangent to the surf edge.

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