Split or Trim a Mesh

Hello Everyone

I received a mesh model of a friend and we want to split or trim it, But we couldn’t do this step

This mesh was generated with commnand ApplyDisplacement.

So I suggested him to split the surface before using ExtractRenderMesh

However I want to solve this problem to separe it :slight_smile: (of course I used Boolean mesh tools)

Thanks for your help

Hi Jesus - that is a hard one - what I’d do here is Mesh the surface, then MeshIntersect then SplitMeshWithCurve - that does seem to get the right answer in this case.


Hi Pascal

Thanks as always by your help (I didn’t know this command :). as always I have still too much to learn)

One day I’ll write a better challenge :slight_smile:

Thanks again

best regards

As I understand it you wish to split the mesh using the surface. I was able to do this using the following workflow:-

Extrude the surface into a solid larger than the top half of the mesh.
Convert the resulting polysurface into a mesh (_Mesh). Hide or delete the polysurface.
You can now use this new mesh object to split your mesh using the _meshsplit command

General tip when it comes to splitting a mesh. It sometimes help to move or rotate the object before spliting.